Community manager & social media rockstar

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Hybrid - Brussels, Belgium

Community Manager & Social Media Rockstar

This is a tremendous job opportunity for all people based in Brussels, Antwerp or, in general, in Belgium.

Job Offer:

Linkus’ mission is to find the right gig for the right freelancer. By doing that, we aim to build a community where recruiters and freelancers can gather and solve each other’s problems.

Our community needs valuable content and support for all the stages of the recruitment process, which is why we are looking for a man/woman/whatever, who can help the “gang” (yes, we call ourselves the “gang”, how cute is this, right?) with planning, prioritisation and execution of our community content and initiatives.

We are looking for people-person people who can be creative, proactive, and – when it comes to get a good shot or to seize a good social media opportunity – even shameless!


You will be the face, the voice, the heart of Linkus.

You will feature in our abundant video production as a VJ, our super web rockstar (no kidding).

You will manage our social media channels.

You will contribute actively to fill our content calendar with ideas, inspiration, people.

You will reach out our community members, clients, potential partners for content development, content swap, SEO opportunities, social media synergies (well, the sky is the limit).

You come up with great ideas and pursue them until the bottom (this is not a monkey job).

Preferred Qualifications:

Daily practice and business experience with social media management (Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, +)

Proven experience with community building, management, and activation.

Proven experience behind a camera.

Minimum 2.5 languages, spoken & written (ideally EN-NL-FR fluent but, as long as you know how to communicate to no matter what audience, we do not fu**ing care).

Teamwork attitude (I mean, you are a people-person, right?)

Basic knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, etc.) or similar.

The more digital tools (Mailchimp, Canvas, Sharepoint, Office Suite, Google Analytics basics, etc.) you master or are willing to learn, the better.

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