Team Linkus

We work for the future of freelance work in Europe.

Team Linkus is a group of young, passionate professionals, who are committed to improving performances, enhancing creativity, and accepting challenges.

Meet our Team

Meet The Gang

We are more than a team. We are a mix of departments, who compete on everything that is not job-related, from karting to mini-golf.

Chief welcoming officer

You may spot him on the highway between Belgium and Germany.

Computer something specialist

He breaks many bones by accident, but never a single line of code.

Highway perfomance manager

Do not get in touch, unless you are a car.

Coding police officer

He comes from another world, like Pope Francis.

Programming style specialist

Would you buy a cat from this man?

Community manager rockstar

She is addicted to hot water. Seriously.

See yourself working here?

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How's work structured at Linkus?

Every day we expand our coverage of potential freelance gigs and missions.
Faster than our ability to keep this website up to date.

So, what are you waiting for?

Our management team works tirelessly to ensure the organisational and financial stability of our startup.

This commitment includes the recruitment of internal resources, the internationalisation of the company, and the strategic vision of the complex marriage between the community of recruiters and the community of freelancers.

Active in several locations in Europe (Belgium, Germany, Portugal, and others), he is always available to discuss possible synergies and collaborations.

Our IT team is young, close-knit and fast-growing in size.

Its task is to develop the matching platform, improve the algorithm and ensure the security of the countless data exchanged between our users.

Diversified in terms of programming codes, control tasks, and ongoing training, the IT development team is to Linkus what the cantera is to the Barcelona football team. Before Messi left.

Our marketing team works like a small digital and content marketing agency, but without the stress.

They develop the brand, animate the company’s social media presence, and generate valuable content for the community.

Formally responsible for external relations, advertising and training programmes, its hidden agenda is actually to make the IT team look bad in the eyes of management.

This is us

And what About You?

Thank you so much for your interest in our team, but there's nothing we are more interested than you.