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Upcoming event: Drinkus

🧠 Interested in AI and the technology it brings?

🤝🏼 Motivated to network with likeminded freelancers and recruiters?

🚀 Ready to find a new project or the perfect candidate?

Linkus is organising Drinkus: An event for freelancers and recruiters to expand their knowledge, connect with likeminded,  and get to know Linkus more.

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Set Job Post

Upload your job offer in just click or search for freelancers according to their skills.


Match with Candidates

Let AI work its magic and discover your best freelance matches.


Freelancer Starts Work

Add your favorite freelance profiles, set up interviews and start working together!


Search freelancers anonymously

Simply specify which services you need and for how long, manually or by uploading your job offer. You’ll get access to an anonymised list of skilled freelancers, ready for the job. Search for example:

  • Candidates skills
  • Job titles
  • Language skills
  • Years of experience
  • Location
  • Budget & more

Linkus AI ranks, scores and makes a shortlists for you

Our platform will sort out and display freelancers in our database according to your requirements. Add the profiles you are most interested in to your dedicated job page on your dashboard.


You select which candidates to interview

Decide who you’d like to interview, make them an offer, and start working together on your amazing project. Simple as that. Also, did we mention Linkus is 100% free for companies? Well, it is.