Membership conditions for recruiters

You wish to create a personal account on LINKUS and become a member of the LINKUS community of freelancers and clients.

When you become a member, the following membership terms and conditions will apply.  



  1. The platform LINKUS (“Platform”) is owned by LINKUS bv, a private company under Belgian law, with registered office in Kroonweg 26, 1700 Dilbeek (RPR Brussels) and registered with the KBO under number 0760.472.080 (hereinafter “LINKUS” and “we or us”). By extension, “LINKUS”, “we or we” also refers to companies affiliated with LINKUS, which offer services under the name LINKUS at present and in the future. The list of affiliated companies can be found under legal information.



  1. These terms and conditions of membership apply to all members (“Terms of Membership”) as soon as you create an account on LINKUS.
  2. We may amend these Terms of Membership in whole or in part due to e.g. changes in law, technological developments, changes in our policies and we will inform you accordingly. In any case, the latest version posted on the Platform will always apply.


  1. If you create an account on LINKUS you are invited to read and accept the Membership Terms. Without acceptance you cannot create an account. If you do not agree to the (renewed) Terms and Conditions, you should not create an account or close your account and not use (anymore) our services.
  2. By creating an account, you are deemed to have read and accepted the Membership Terms and Conditions and other aforementioned terms and conditions.
  3. You can download and print the Membership Terms in your account. They constitute the agreement between you and LINKUS subject to our Terms and Conditions.
  4. In addition our Terms of Use, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy apply. If you opt for our paid services the related terms and conditions shall also apply.
  5. Please read all of our terms and conditions carefully. They contain important information


  1. Creating an account on LINKUS is free. You are not obliged to pay. Only when you explicitly opt for the paying services does a payment obligation arise.


  1. Only companies for the purpose of filling vacancies.
  2. By creating an account you declare that (i) you can legally represent your company, (ii) your company is legally incorporated and exists and is not in a state of bankruptcy or dissolution, (iii) you wish to look for freelancers for your company.
  3. Undertaking” is understood to mean an enterprise, an educational institution, an association or a government.


  1. To create an account, you must fill in your (company) details on our registration page, and set a user name (e-mail address) and password. It is possible to register through a third party account such as Linkedin, Facebook or Google. In this case you can register with LINKUS via this account.
  2. Through your account you can make use of the services of LINKUS, such as entering search assignments, contacting potential freelancers, contacting other members to exchange information, knowledge and expertise.
  3. You agree to use your account only in accordance with this purpose. Any other use is prohibited.
  4. Every account is personal and cannot be transferred.
  5. Only one account can be created per person. It is not permitted to create several accounts for the same person. However, multiple accounts can be created for your company. These accounts must be in the names of persons who work for your company.
  6. It is forbidden to create a false identity, impersonate another person, create an account for another person or access and/or use the account of another person.
  7. Each member is also responsible for everything that happens through his/her account until the account is closed or after notification of abuse.


  1. In order to create an account, you must provide certain information. Certain information is optional and can be supplemented at a later date.
  2. In order for LINKUS to work optimally for you, it is recommended that you enter as much data and content as possible into your account.
  3. The information you enter in your account must be true at all times. You undertake to keep the data up to date. Entering false or incorrect or misleading data is prohibited. It is also prohibited to include data and other content which is contrary to the law, public order and morality or which constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties.
  4. You only place content in your account to which you are entitled.
  5. You are solely responsible for damage caused by the data and content you provide. If necessary you will indemnify LINKUS.
  6. LINKUS has no possibility, let alone obligation, to check the data and content provided by you and accepts no liability in this respect. However, we reserve the right to delete data or content that violates these Membership Terms and Conditions and even, if we deem it necessary, to suspend or delete the account. For example, if we receive a complaint about the data or content posted by you.
  7. We are under no obligation to publish any data or content and may remove it with or without notice.
  8. You remain the owner of the data and content you provide. You grant LINKUS and our affiliates a non-exclusive license to them. This license is valid worldwide and is transferable and sub licensable. Based on this license we have the right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and process the data and content provided by you or through third parties (like facebook, linkedin) as part of our services, without further consent, notification and/or compensation to you or others. You may terminate this licence to certain data and content when you close your account or remove such data and content from your account. In doing so, we will have a reasonable time to remove such data and content from our systems. If you have shared data or content with others on the Platform, we cannot guarantee that these others have not stored or re-shared this data or content. We do not guarantee the deletion of this data or content and cannot be held liable.
  9. The processing of personal data shall be in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  10. We engage in automated data processing on the Platform in order to connect with other members on our Platform and to recommend connections, content and features that may be useful to you.
  11. Once you create your account and save data, we process your data anonymously in the Platform database. You choose when you make your profile visible and identifiable to other members in order to contact other members for information exchange, to find a job or for other services offered by us or our Partners now and in the future. You also choose in your account settings whether we may use your information for advertising or promoting our services.
  12. We have the right, without payment to you or any third party, to place advertisements anywhere on the Platform, including your account profile display.
  13. You may provide hyperlinks to your website or social media through your account. You are solely responsible for the quality, accuracy or legality of the content or operation of your website or social media and shall indemnify us. We reserve the right to remove the hyperlinks or restrict their use.


  1. To secure your account, you must:
  • Provide a strong password.
  • Keep this password secret
  • Ensure that third parties are not granted access to your account
  • Make use of secure devices and connections


  1. You can send and receive messages and share data through your account.
  2. You agree that we and other members may send you notices and messages through (i) the Platform, (ii) our app or (iii) contact details you provide. You must ensure that your contact details are up to date at all times. As long as this is not the case, notifications and messages can be validly sent via the contact details provided.
  3. Via the settings in your account you can determine and limit which messages you receive.


  1. You may delete your account at any time by following the steps indicated on the Platform.
  2. We have the right to limit, suspend or delete your account if you violate the law, the Terms and Conditions of Membership or the Rules of Conduct that we apply.
  3. If your account is suspended or deleted, other Platform members will notice this when they visit your profile or wish to contact you through the Platform. In addition, members with whom you have contracted will also receive notification that your account has been suspended or deleted and that they can no longer contact you through the Platform. However, we are not obliged to provide this notification. You are and remain responsible for contacting your (potential) contracting parties to inform them that they can no longer reach you via the Platform and you must provide them with your contact details in accordance with the contracts you have entered into. If you use services (such as Timesheets service, Billing service, Notification service, LINKUS INVOICE) via the Platform, we will send you the relevant information to the email address you provide in a commonly readable form. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee for this.
  4. Upon deletion of your account we will delete your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.